In February 2010, LARKE conducted an inventory of street conditions and characteristics in Woodstock. We drove every street in the neighborhood and walked each steet segment we identified as having less than standard (pavement with curbs and sidewalks) treatments.  We noted surface materials and condition, the presence or of lack of curbs and sidewalks, passability (width), slope and the number of buildings facing onto unimproved streets.  

Street Classifications

We classified streets into the following categories based on our observations:

Unpaved: 3.6 street miles (7.7%)

Paved, No Curbs or Sidewalks: 1.5 street miles (3.2%)

Paved, Curbs, No Sidewalks: 1.5 street miles (3.2%)

Paved, Inconsistent Curbs/Sidewalks: 1.6 street miles (3.4%)

Paved, Curbs and Sidewalks: 38.8 street miles (82.6%)

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We mapped the concentration of potholes on all 76 unpaved street segments.


By street segment (almost all segments 200 ft.)


High: 30

Medium: 24

Low/None: 22


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We documented the width of each segment based on the level of vehicular and pedestrian passability.

2 vehicle:  33 segments

1 vehicle:  51 segments

Pedestrian only:  6 segments

None:  8 segments


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