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Time in Woodstock

posted Feb 26, 2010, 11:36 PM by Rani Boyle
We’ve certainly been enjoying our recent visits to the Woodstock Neighborhood! We explored the neighborhood during our street inventory.  We ate well at the Gala Vegetarian Potluck. We've had the opportunity to ask a few residents about their feelings about unimproved streets.
We hope to ask more questions at our Discover Session tomorrow morning, starting at 10am!
From 10 to 11, we’ll be presenting the results of our inventory, and our discussions with City of Portland representatives. From 11 to 12 (noon), we’ll be asking residents to express their feelings about unpaved streets, and their hopes for the future.

We’re also seeking input through our online survey. Please encourage your neighbors to participate, especially if they are unable to attend the Discovery Session!